National Frontier Trails Museum

We drove fifteen and a half hours yesterday…and instead of writing during lunch and in the evening when Daniel was able to drive, I slept half the time. Apparently, I was tired. Well, I can catch up again, right?

That’s how life goes, though. Best laid plans and all that. This morning we got to sleep in, which was nice, and then! I finally got to go to the National Frontier Trails Museum in Independence, Mo. You may or may not remember that it was closed for COVID last year when we came through while following the California Trail, which was very disappointing. But in a way, visiting now was almost better because I actually know what I am talking about, and was able to see everything in a overarching way instead of trying to figure out what to concentrate on. I also got to pretend to load up a wagon, and yes, I have a included a picture below. You’re welcome.

The ladies at the front desk were so sweet, and listened to me chatter about my writing, and even took my business cards and asked me to sign them (clearly in preparation for me being famous. That’s my interpretation anyway).

I do hope to get some writing in tonight, but we are driving five hours to finish the drive to Oklahoma, and there is family stuff tonight…of course, as most people do, I should probably make myself stay up late to get my words in. No promises though!

You won’t hear from me again until Monday, and when you do, I’ll have some exciting news!

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