On the road and 2,000 words

I am currently writing this at 7:00 AM on the road to Oklahoma to spend Thanksgiving with my in-laws. Well, technically, we are going to Missouri first. We normally at least try to make it all the way to Oklahoma in one shot (18 hours), but due to alternate circumstances, we aren’t supposed to arrive until tomorrow. So, we decided to go 15 hours instead, and head to Independence, MO, and for anyone who has been following me for any length of time, you know exactly why. Yup, the jumping off place for the wagon trails. And, as some of you may remember from last year, the museum in Independence was closed when I took my cross-country research trip. So, yes, I am seizing this opportunity to go see it, and I’m pretty excited too.

But first, we will be driving fifteen and a half hours today and I get to do most of it. Okay, that was a mild complaint, but to be honest, we really are blessed. Daniel is able to work remotely, which is why we can do these longer trips, and if the cost is that I do most of the driving, I’ll gladly pay it.

What about writing? You impatient other writers ask as I ramble. Well, I got in just over 2,000 words yesterday. Definitely not as much as I wanted to, but we were prepping to leave at six this morning. Did we actually leave at six this morning? Well, no. No, we left right before seven because we opted to avoid finishing packing by going out to happy hour with friends. So we got a late start, but it isn’t AS big a deal because we are stopping earlier than usual, so other than the irritating morning traffic, we’ll survive an being an hour later.

I’m not particularly thrilled with what I wrote yesterday so, alas, you all get to suffer for it and only get a NaNoToon today.  

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