Books and Short Stories

If you want a glimpse into the worlds I dance in and out of, take a look at some of my works-in-progress below and read a few short stories!

The Novels

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A Picture of the Past

Current Status: Drafted and in desperate need of editing

Genre: Historical Romance

About: A life of luxury torn away forces Elizabeth to face the harsh reality of a whole new world. . . .read more

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Current Status: Currently receiving its first round of editing.

Genre: Fantasy

About: Searching for a world of fantasy, he found a sobering adventure he wasn’t prepared for. . . .read more

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Drawn Into Love

Current Status: Submitting to agents!

Genre: Contemporary Romance

About: Josie’s just trying to pay her mom’s medical bills, but God has other ideas. . .read more

Short Stories

Interested in reading a little? Find a short story or two below for your enjoyment, and don’t forget to leave a “like” and any feedback!

  • Courage: Sometimes it requires more courage to live than to die.
  • Magic Hour: Just a little fairytale.
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