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Sometimes it takes more courage to live than to die.


Your past does not define your future.


A mask cannot hide who you are.

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Inner Peace

God is faithful. Did you know that? A week after I hand it all over, and I get a check in the mail for an accepted submission! A submission that I sent two years ago. TWO YEARS, people. Granted, the check was for only $20 and the submission was a 250 word devotional–but that really…

An Unknown Future

I know, I didn’t write last week. But I had an excellent excuse – as usual. Though, I think this one is better than usual. Hard to beat, I know. So what was I doing? Well. I was having a tête-à-tête with God. Okay, okay, so it was more like He sat me down and…

Next Steps

And, after pushing myself probably more than was healthy, I finally sent my book off to beta readers around 2:00 AM on Saturday. Or would that technically be Sunday? Anyway, once the book was gone, it was like a huge load dropped off my shoulders and left only weariness in its place. It has been…

Weasel Words Galore

Y’all, my eyes are exhausted. Yes, it’s a thing. They are so tired, my husband told me to lay down for awhile. And why, you may ask? Well, remember how I was going to be done editing my book by last Friday? Yeah, that hasn’t happened. Not for lack of trying, I assure you. I…


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I am a faithful Christian, a hopeful writer, and a hopeless romantic. I love hats, cross-stitching, magic, and reading. Find out more in my Just Me page.

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