A Forest Idylls Moment

Forest Idylls: Moments of hope in a forest of hardship.

Experience affects different people in different ways. As they say, boiling water hardens an egg but softens a potato. By the time I hit college, I’d had enough boiling water to decide a shell was the wiser choice. My mantra was: Trust No One. Hope For Nothing. I figured if I expected the worst of everything – and everyone – I could never be disappointed or hurt again. Of course, for all my posturing, I still managed to get hurt. Many times over. And each time increased my dedication to my mantra. Until I read something that changed my life. 1 Corinthians 13:13a: And these three remain, faith, hope, and love.

For the first time ever, my eyes focused on that word. Hope. I’d never noticed it before. But, God couldn’t mean it. Right? Didn’t he know what that would lead to? Heartbreak. Every time I dared to hope, I was putting myself on the line. And then the image of Christ hanging on the cross flashed through my mind.

Why had He done that? So that humans had hope for the future. Why did people keep going day after day in a cold life full of disappointment? They were hopeful. Hopeful for a better future, a new tomorrow. This tiny little word inspires writers to write their books, musicians to write their music, college students to follow their dreams. This word causes broken hearts, yes, but it also causes living. It creates stars we can reach for. Without hope, there would be no God, no dreams, no life. Yes, God was asking me to put my heart on the line for Him. For hope. Because that is one word worth breaking my heart over.

From that time on, my perspective shifted. Oh, I still had plenty of hurt to go around, and lots of healing to do, but I began to notice the hope in life. To recognize all the small moments in life that bring that unexpected burst of joy. From a ray of sunshine, to a child laughing, to a good book. And now it’s my goal in life to help others realize that, no matter how hard life is, there is joy to be had. There is hope to be found. There are idyllic moments even in a dark forest.

If you are looking for hope, you’ve come to the right place.


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