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Wall of Tears

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Sometimes it takes more courage to live than to die.


Your past does not define your future.


A mask cannot hide who you are.

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Slogging Through

You know, I am beginning to wonder if whoever decided on National Novel Writing Month being in November hated the holidays. Or had no family. Because, seriously, am I the only one who finds it impossible to find time to write the day before, the day of, and the day after Thanksgiving? Especially when you… Continue reading Slogging Through

Wall of Tears

All right, last time, I promised you all news! And the news is…I wrote over 2,000 words yesterday! Okay, I’m kidding. I mean, I did write over 2,000 words yesterday, but the TRUE news, which those of you who follow me on social media already know, is that I won third place in The Writer’s… Continue reading Wall of Tears


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I am a faithful Christian, a hopeful writer, and a hopeless romantic. I love hats, cross-stitching, magic, and reading. Find out more in my Just Me page.

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