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Sometimes it takes more courage to live than to die.


Your past does not define your future.


A mask cannot hide who you are.

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Idyllic Moments

My soul is soaring right now. Yes, yes, far different from my previous two posts. I’m not entirely certain why I’m so happy at this exact moment, though I’ve some guesses. We’ve had multiple days in the mid-fifties over the last couple weeks (Today was our first snow, but let’s set that aside for now),…

Fighting the Forest

You know that churning unease inside of you that just upsets everything around you? That feeling you get when all is not well, or, in my case this week, when you have so much to think about and so much to do that you are avoiding it but you also feel guilty about avoiding it,…

January Blues

Guys, I am tired. I wonder, were holidays always so wearying, or is it just modern times? It feels like I’ve been going nonstop since…well, I’d say October, but it really started before that. Perhaps August? Anyway. We ended up leaving for Christmas two days early due to a snowstorm sweeping through the country, pulling…

Finishing NaNo

I swear I didn’t abandon you. No. Strike that. I did. I totally abandoned you all. So, here is the update you all have been waiting…has it already been a week???….for: YES, I DID FINISH MY WORDS! I almost gave up. Multiple times. But I didn’t. And I’m so glad. It doesn’t quite feel as…


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I am a faithful Christian, a hopeful writer, and a hopeless romantic. I love hats, cross-stitching, magic, and reading. Find out more in my Just Me page.

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