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Getting published is hard work. Which is why we, as writers, need a community to support us. And to learn how to accept rejections. As part of my attempt to stop having a heart attack every time I get a rejection, follow my count along below!



Rejections last week: 0



Rejections last week: 0

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Deep Dives

It’s been a few weeks. And if you don’t follow me on Instagram or Facebook, you have no idea where I went. I promise I had good reason for disappearing. In summary, I was doing a deep dive into my three main projects. And here are the results: Drawn Into Love: I know, I know… Continue reading Deep Dives


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My name is Jacinta Meredith. I am a faithful Christian, a hopeful writer, and a hopeless romantic. I love hats, cross-stitching, magic, and reading. Find out more in my Just Me page.

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