Traveling the Trail

Come along as I follow the footsteps of the emigrants!

From May 28, 2021 through June 30, 2021, my husband and I will be traveling across the country, following the Oregon/California Trail along with some fun detours to national parks and other famous places as we fulfill multiple bucket list items at once! You can follow along below, on my blog, Facebook , Twitter, or Instagram.

American Progress (John Gast painting).jpg
John Gast, American Progress, 1872. Wikimedia.

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Las Vegas

Day 26 (June 22): I’ve been in Las Vegas once before. On a campaign, in college. I would like to note that the experience is extremely different when you are corralling a bunch of high schoolers, directing campaign routes, and making cold calls about your candidate. While we were technically near the strip, my only… Continue reading Las Vegas

Heading to Las Vegas

Day 25 (June 21): Staying at the Joshua Tree National Park was an experience all its own. It was hot and dry, but cooled off nicely as evening fell. Surrounded by Yuccas and Joshua Trees, a hot wind, and the caution to reserve water, I felt like I was in an adventure movie. We were… Continue reading Heading to Las Vegas


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