Short Stories

Below please find a short story or two for your reading pleasure! Each story is a little piece of my heart. An idyll in a world of hurt. I hope you enjoy them!

  • Courage: Sometimes it takes more courage to live than to die.
    • Inspired by one of my favorite Tennyson poems, The Lady of Shalott, I wrote this story so many years ago, I couldn’t pinpoint exactly when. While it was developed from an overly dramatic imagination, there is still a sense of poignancy that touches me, and, I hope, will touch you too.
  • Magic Hour: Just a little fairytale.
    • Inspired by a Dixit game card, this is just a fun little fairytale with no real point, and therefore unpublishable. It does not follow, however, that it is unenjoyable, and enjoy it I hope you do!