Short Stories

Below please find a few short stories for your reading pleasure! Each story is a little piece of my heart. An idyll in a world of hurt. I hope you enjoy them!

Wall of Tears

Unexpected friendships don’t always have to be human.

Third Place winner in The Writer’s 2021 Fall Short Story contest, Wall of Tears tells the tale of a little girl dealing with the loss of her father.

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Sometimes it takes more courage to live than to die.

Published by Calla Press, this short story tells the story of a girl who lost everything.

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A mask cannot hide who you are.

Inspired by yet another card in Dixit, and published by the Heart of Flesh Literary Journal, this tale follows the journey of a man who needed masks to find the truth of who he is.

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Your past does not define your future.

Inspired by another card in Dixit (hey, it has great inspiration!), and published by the Agape Review, this drama follows the healing of a girl who lived through the Holocaust.

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Magic Hour
Just a little fairytale.

Inspired by a Dixit game card, this is just a fun little fairytale with no real point, and therefore unpublishable. It does not follow, however, that it is unenjoyable, and enjoy it I hope you do!