All the Bananas and all the words

Apparently, when you have a lot of description to write because you are figuring out how the world in your fantasy works, you can get a lot of words in. Which means…over 4,000 words yesterday! I may have also realized that we are leaving for Oklahoma on Friday, which means a 12-hour driving day (stopping in Missouri), and I may not feel like squeezing in words every time I take a break from driving…so I’m seeing if I can get a few extra words so I don’t panic about not getting them in on Friday.

In between, I managed to do laundry, make chicken salad, banana bars, banana bread (can you tell I was trying to finish off bananas before we left?) and process about ten pounds of last minute produce from the garden that Daniel picked since it was supposed to freeze. And attend a webinar on marketing! I might be a little tired.

“I dashed for the scepter, watching the wizard struggle to get Hadwin off of him through the corner of my eye. Just as I touched it, I heard Hadwin’s voice cut through the rain and wind. “No, don’t!” But it was too late. I grasped the scepter and brandished it triumphantly. A triumph that was short lived as a spark like electricity shot up my hand and into my torso. The scepter dropped to the ground with me as my body writhed with seizure after seizure.”


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