Leftovers and more words

Yeeesss. I almost petered out…but I didn’t! I got in my 3,000 words yesterday as well, and I am having the most fun time describing this temple in Ethrill. I’m probably going to end up cutting most of this description, but it is rather essential for me to know all the inner workings of this world, isn’t it? I feel like I’m discovering amazing new things every word that I write, and isn’t that the best part of writing?

In other news, I also scheduled posts for all of November for ACFW VA, and managed to create and schedule four posts for my personal social media. Of course, I meant to do more, but you know, it is a lot of work. Maybe I’ll schedule more later.

Oh! Also, not to brag, but I’ve been doing a wonderful job using leftovers from the Operation Christmas Child Packing party. Most particularly, I’ve been making incredible sandwiches and I’m actually kind of sad the leftovers are now officially gone. Last night, with the last of the homemade hoagie buns, I made a sandwich with pimento cheese, Italian meat, gouda cheese, and olives, grilled it, and then dipped it in Italian dressing. Not going to lie, it was to die for.

Teobaldo rolled his eyes and stepped forward, swinging open a door that I could not see. One moment, there was nothing. The next, light was pouring out, music was dancing on the breeze, and the scent of dozens of dishes were swirling through the air, all from an invisible building.


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