3,000 Words and a Book Proposal

And she has returned! With a wealth of words. Okay, 3,000 words isn’t a wealth, but compared to the dearth of words last week, It’s like a stocking overflowing with candy. Just saying. Oh, my gosh, people. Yesterday was a day of catching up. I would like you all to know that I not only got up at 8:30 (Yes, that IS good, compared to some of my schedule keepings), but I created graphics for the crown award winners, updated my Drawn Into Love book proposal, sent it to an agent (squee!), engaged with people on Facebook, called three sisters and texted my brother to settle Christmas plans, dropped off Operation Christmas Child boxes, finally emailed my poor new friend/penpal back, and started a new book.

I can’t tell how how delightful it feels to finally have gotten some tangible things done. And, yes, I am still quite behind, but I have every hope of catching up.

“While the roads winding about the huts themselves were dirt, there were, in fact, thoroughfares, such as the one we currently trod upon, that were paved stone. Or paved glass, now that I looked at it. In fact. I paused and frowned down. It rather looked like it was glass…encasing blossoms. Yes. The very blossoms that filled the valleys, next to the streams, casting that incredible, sweet perfume over the entire retreat, were encased in the glass paving stones, and still blooming perfectly.”


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