Three Months of Events

I’m back! Yes, I know I didn’t post all weekend. I spent Friday and Saturday working the ACFW VA conference, and managed to fit in all of….ten words, maybe? Hey, it’s better than nothing! Okay, not by much. BUT, it was a good conference, if exhausting, filled with so much information that I now effectively feel like an inferior writer, and basically collapsed yesterday. After church, and shopping to fill the OCC boxes that were a little too empty, and finishing prepping them to be dropped off today, and tagging along to offer moral support for my sister’s driving lesson, that is. Yes. Then I collapsed.

Okay, I may not have anything writing-wise to share right now, but I just opened my journal this morning and realized it has been three months – THREE MONTHS – since I’ve written anything! So, being the Type A/Enneagram 1 person I am, I of course had to update my diary on everything I’d missed because otherwise I would be going out of order, and I realized that it has been a three months. Allow me to share all that had happened between the time I last wrote (in my journal) on August 15, and today:

  • Mother came to visit
  • Sister got engaged
  • Traveled to Minnesota
  • Stayed in a cabin with a couple of my sisters and their nine children, while writing a pitch, while Daniel went to the boundary waters with a group of guys
  • Met my sister’s new fiancĂ©
  • Went to the ACFW Conference in St. Louis
  • Pitched to two agents
  • Watched my sister get married (Yes, same sister) via online video
  • Sent a book proposal to an agent
  • Went to homecoming and made a friend (Yes, that is momentous enough to mention)
  • Sister (a different one) moved out of my house and in with roommates (yes, we helped her move)
  • Finished writing one of my books
  • Started NaNoWriMo
  • Hosted Operation Christmas Child Packing Party
  • Worked as an election officer
  • Helped host ACFW VA conference
  • Was asked for a different book proposal by aforementioned agent
  • Finished reading 41 books

Now, that was a three months. No wonder I’m exhausted. I have good excuses, right? Anyway. This week is catch-up week: wrap-up for the ACFW VA conference, create all graphics for both personal and ACFW VA social media accounts for the month, catch up on NaNo, send that new book proposal, write back to my poor new penpal who has been waiting for over a week, drop off OCC shoeboxes, pack for Oklahoma (leaving Friday), last-minute appointments, clean the house that has been abandoned since last week, finish making calls about and reservations for Christmas (yes, this early – has to be done)…and you know, maybe this isn’t the best week to start working out again…but then again, is there ever a good time? I’ll keep you all apprised.

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