None of the words…or the Panic

I finally made more progress! And by more progress, I mean that I wrote 2100 words today…I mean, yesterday…since I’m writing this post at 10:00 PM and scheduling it for 7:00 AM. Which isn’t bad…unless you are like 9,000 words behind….Oh well. We still had a wreck of a house from our OCC Packing Party, so I motivated myself by alternating writing and cleaning. Clean up a table, write 50 words, do a load of dishes, write 50 words, etc. Slow progress, but progress nonetheless, and the house is (mostly) clean as well! And then last night was spent packing food for today and working on ACFW VA graphics for the conference this weekend.

What’s happening today, you ask? Well, today, I am working the voting booths as an election officer so the chances of actually getting writing done are…well, zero. I feel like I should be panicking, but I think there is too much other stuff in my head right now to panic. I’ll panic next week when I realize the month is half gone and I’ve written even less than I normally do in my supposedly full-time job as a writer.

Here’s a badly written sentence for you:

Sometimes, as we trained, I would catch him, white-fisted and shimmering with rage, posed over me with a sword, a knife, or whatever the weapon of choice was at the moment, and I knew, though I was no elf, that he was fighting the impulse to follow through with the blow. And it was because of those moments, more than any other, that I pushed on.


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