Election Day!

Guys. I am so exhausted as I write this right now. At 10:30 PM even though you won’t see it until 7:00 AM tomorrow. As predicted, I got no writing done today. For that matter, I barely even ate today. We got up at 4:00 AM, were gone by 4:45, and at the precinct we were working at by 5:00 AM. And it didn’t stop moving until we left the polling location at 9:00 PM.

If you ever go vote, which I certainly hope you do, thank an election officer. I had no idea how many hours they put into that day. How much work. How much everything hurts at the end, and how there is never even a chance to go eat the food you packed. And, yes, you do get paid, unless you specifically elect not to, but I can assure you it is nominal compared to how much work you put in.

Exhausted, we stumbled into the car by 9:00, as I said, and I had SO MANY MESSAGES waiting. But the only one that you, my readers, may find of interest, was one from the agent who asked to see a proposal for PoP. Sadly, though not really unexpectedly, she kindly declined it, saying she already had too many books in the same era/subject line (wouldn’t you want more of those books, then, if it is trending that way? But I digress). She did, however, compliment me not on my writing, which made me sad, but on my ability to prolifically write, which I appreciated. And mentioned she might be interested in my contemporary romances instead. So, next step? Pray about the way forward and figure out if that is where God wants me to go instead of sticking with PoP this time, and even if He wants me to go with this woman as an agent anyway. Either way, I was highly complimented and excited that anyone was interested. But I truly want to move forward only into what God has planned, rather than what I have planned, and I’ve been realizing more and more lately how hard it is for me to tell what is me versus God.

Okay, on that note, I’m going to turn on a mindless tv show to zone out to for a little bit and then hopefully fall into a deep slumber.

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