Getting Started

Okay, y’all knew this was coming. Well, at least those of you who have been around for a few years. I usually try to post every day of NaNo, and by the end I peter out.

Anyway. I FINALLY DID IT. And by finally did it, I mean I re-read all 100,000 words I’ve already written of Ethrill yesterday. Yes, Chadwick, I am well aware that it is FOUR DAYS into NaNo, and I’ve barely written a thing – you DON’T have to remind me again! (For those unaware, Chadwick is my shoulder critic. You know, the one who makes sure I know whenever I mess up?) So. Shoving him aside. I was so exhausted this week that I took a sleeping pill and slept 12 hours night before last. Which gave me the energy to, yes, read all 100k words…because I started to read the last couple chapters and remembered how long it had been since I had touched Ethrill, and couldn’t remember what all had happened, so yeah. To be repetitive, yesterday was mostly reading.

I did also manage to write a few words. On paper, which is a good go-to for me when I can’t figure out what to write next. I estimate….340 words. So that’s what I’m putting into NaNo until I actually get it typed up.

But before I sign off, here’s a pretty little sentence from Ethrill for you to admire – and no, it is not one of the awful ones I wrote today:

For there before us stood a large, glass castle.  It glittered in the sun as though the rays themselves had built it and took pride in their workmanship. The glowing embers of the sunset danced across the towers and down into the multitude of lakes and rivers, entwining what appeared to be a city of glass houses. Everything, everything was made of glass.

4 thoughts on “Getting Started

  1. I admit that when I first started to read this I thought that you were about to announce that you had actually written 50,000 words in only 4 days. And I did believe you were capable of it!

    I thought the cartoon was pretty funny.

    Now I have to look up who or what Ethrill is :). The quote you posted from Ethrill is beautiful and very descriptive. I consider your writing to be the same.

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