NaNoWriMo 2022

Guess what month it is? That’s right! National Novel Writing Month! And…it’s November 2nd. Is this the first time in years that I haven’t posted on Nov. 1st for NaNo? Quite possibly. Yesterday was an off day for me. Okay, all week has been an off week for me. But, for those of you concerned, yes, I am still planning to participate in NaNo. Even if I didn’t write anything on the first day for the first time in history.

I did, however, finish another book! On Monday, determined to finish it before NaNo started, I finished the first draft of Lynette’s story, making three books so far in the Drawn Into Love series, which I have decided, for now, to call the Finding Hope series.

I wanted to get it finished so I could work on finishing yet another book this NaNo – and yes, I know I am supposed to start a new one, but I have so many unfinished ones that I honestly don’t think I’d enjoy starting yet another book at this moment. So, guess what I’m going back to?

**drumroll** That’s right! For like the fifth time, I’m back to Ethrill! 50k words won’t finish it, but maybe it’ll push me past that mountain that has been holding me back from touching it the last couple of years. But first, I have to read the last few chapters so I remember where I am. So I am not sure when I’ll actually start writing – hopefully tonight, but I’m trying not to stress about it too much, reminding myself that I wrote almost 8,000 words on Monday, so catching up hopefully won’t be an issue.

And now, I am going to leave you with…that’s right, my favorite comic that is no longer written but I post every year, NaNoToons!

If you are also doing NaNo, please leave a comment, so I know I’m not alone!

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