NaNoWriMo Day 2 and Query Letters

It is 11:15 PM so I figured I should get in my blog post for the day. I’m not quite at my word count goal for the day, but I know I will reach it! I’ve got about 300 more to go, and I’ll have written 3,000 today – ugh, I’d better get that in before the day resets on the NaNo website!

Anyway, I expected to get my word counts in much earlier today, but ended up doing something completely off my list. I totally revamped my query letter. And, surprisingly, it actually didn’t have to do with the brutal rejection yesterday. I was looking for another literary agency to submit to and found one just-barely-promising person that I thought I’d try anyway. But I researched her a little first…and ran across a blog post where the same agent read query letters and gave feedback on them. And after reading through that…I decided that my query letter was written COMPLETELY wrong. Despite all the of the dozens of articles I had followed. So I spent the ENTIRE day working on rewriting it, and didn’t get anywhere close to something I wanted until like 7:30ish PM. Then, upon my husband’s suggestion, I decided to let it rest for the night and finally turn my attention to word count.

So, I didn’t get much other than that done, but hopefully it will pay off!

Anyway, my characters are in the middle of talking to me, so that’s my update for today. Good luck to any of my readers who are also trying NaNo and I hope your characters are being as talkative for you!

Final (estimated) word count after today: 8,600. Oh, and if you feel like following me on Instagram (@forestidylls), I’m going to be posting snippets on there!


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