NaNoWriMo Day One Plus Rejection

Yes, as a matter of fact I did stay up until midnight to begin writing. And much to my surprise, in one hour’s time, I managed to get in 1700ish words. Of course, most of it will have to be trashed, but that’s besides the point. I started, and I’m getting to know my characters, slowly (very slowly), but surely. It’s the blank page that is hard to overcome. The second-guessing. Stopping yourself from going back to fix a word, a sentence, a paragraph, even a page. Because you know it isn’t right, but–and that’s when NaNo kicks in. You have a limited amount of time to get those 50k words done, so you have to ignore it and keep going.

And that’s for the best. You know why? By the time you finish those 50,000 words, you are going to revamp that paragraph anyway. Even if you had gone back to fix it instead of continuing on, you would rewrite it again because now you finally know the whole story and what it looks like, so you can do it right. So, you might was well just keep writing now and get those words done.

As I am now a full-time writer, I apparently can fit in more than just getting my word count in. So in between 300 word sprints today, I went through emails, updated instagram…and submitted a query letter.

Guys. I am in physical pain admitting this, but it was rejected in 15 minutes. FIFTEEN MINUTES. The Knight Agency didn’t even give me a chance. Normally, I just don’t hear anything, or I might get a belated form rejection six months later, but I’m pretty sure they just looked at the title and clicked reject.

Granted, I did try with another agent there last year and it was rejected, but the site said that I could submit to other agents if the first agent rejects it, so that’s what I did, after editing it. Maybe the website is lying and they have an auto-rejection if you’ve previously submitted it to a different agent and they just SAY you can submit it again to make you feel better. Well, guess what? It didn’t. It made me feel like trash.

So I typed in “Declined” on the spreadsheet I keep before I even had a chance to fill it in as “Submitted”. That’s a new one. And I’m deleting all Knight Agency agents from my list. But that’s part of being a writer, I guess. You know what else is part of being a writer? Keeping at it. So I went back to writing my current book even though everything in me immediately asked why I was bothering.

But I did bother anyway, and that is why I reached…wait for it!!…5,618 words today! I think that’s the best start to NaNo I’ve ever had!


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