Procrastination, Productivity, and Rejection

NanoWrimo Days 9 – 11: I’ll be honest. I didn’t write ANYTHING on the 9th. Which means all the “making up” I did for while I was gone over the weekend promptly disappeared. So, I’m around 3,000 words behind right now (maybe a little less – I did write 2,000ish yesterday!). In total, I am currently at 15,777 words.

I’ve also been using NaNo as an excuse not to do much else with writing-related activities, which is as sad as it is funny since I’m putting off writing until night. What in the world have I been doing with my days? Not much, I can assure you. Although, yesterday I had a fairly productive morning.

We were having company for lunch at noon and I still managed to stay up until like 2:30 the night before. Which meant that I got up at 10:00 AM, and in two hours and 15 minutes-ish had pulled fresh, homemade rolls from the oven, two homemade chicken pot pies (including homemade pie crusts, of course), and put together a salad and sweet tea. Oh, and managed to get dressed and even put on makeup. I have to admit I was pretty impressed with myself. We had a great time, but after they left, I promptly collapsed on the couch the rest of the day and didn’t pick up my laptop to write until like 7:30.

Oh, and I got another short story rejection yesterday! I’m not really saying that as brightly as the exclamation mark makes it look. That’s more me trying to TELL myself I don’t care, and it’s okay. I mean, technically, I know it is okay. Whenever I get a rejection, I think about the Emily of New Moon books and how many times she was rejected before she got accepted. And once she did start getting accepted, how she began to get more and more acceptances. So I keep hoping that is what will happen to me at some point. I know, she is a fictional character, but that doesn’t make the thought any less comforting.

So, that’s my update for the week. I’m going to try to get another 2,000 in today–I might even resubmit that short story someplace. But I’m ALSO going to pull out Christmas stuff! Yes, it is that time, and I’m delighted.

From my latest writing session – a few sentences since I’ve not given you all much of an update this week:

William’s head came up and around as he realized the older girl was nowhere in sight. He turned and went back out to the porch. Sure enough, she was leaning against the sideboard next to the door, her head bowed, and her hands entwining the material of her dress between her fingers so tautly that it would be a wonder if she didn’t have to patch it again.
His heart gave a quick twist as he saw a solitary tear wind its way down her cheek. He opened his mouth to catch her attention but realized he didn’t know her name. He stepped out onto the porch, and the creak of the screen door and his step on the wood brought her head sharply up.
She swiped the tear away almost viciously and raised her chin, the glint in her eye daring him to say something.

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