Food and other stuffs

So, we had company over for dinner again tonight –  I know – what can I say? We love entertaining! We pulled out our good china – a wedding gift – and my great-grandparent’s silver, as we do every time we have company. We both firmly believe good china and silver is meant to be used whenever possible! Our lovely china pattern looks like this, for those of my friends who live out of state and have never seen it:

I made a new recipe called Southwestern Stuffed Chicken Breasts, which was just delicious! I think I shall try making it with Pepper Jack cheese next time to give a little more of a bite. It had chopped green chilies in it, but those cooked down into only a little bit of spice. And I used store bought crescent rolls since I didn’t have enough time to make my own, salad, of course, and made banana cream pie for dessert. Much to my delight, everything turned out great! I have this habit of experimenting with main dishes whenever I have company over. The banana cream pie, of course, I have been making since I was like 14, but the stuffed chicken breasts were new! I have never known a Taste of Home recipe to fail me, however. I adore Taste of Home, and it is my go-to website/cookbook.

I talked to my older sister on the phone while I was cleaning the apartment, and she mentioned someone had gifted her with a Taste of Home BAKING cookbook. Like, nothing but baking! Totally going on my Amazon wishlist!

Anyway – Sunday was quite relaxing and we may have slept in too late to go to church, so we watched a service online instead. 😛 Sigh. Too bad it is Monday tomorrow.

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