So, I love cities. Weird, I know, considering my upbringing. And, really, I believe I am the only person in my whole family who legitimately loves cities. But I do – I love looking out over hundreds of huge buildings, and the sounds of life, even the cars passing by. There is something so alive about it all. Conversely, I hate crowds. Love cities, hate crowds. No wonder people have a hard time understanding me. I don’t understand myself!

Of course, it does not follow that I don’t like the country. I love walks through quiet woods (okay, as long as they have a walkable walkway), and especially sitting next to streams or meadows. On the up side, at least I am easy to please. 😛

The point being, however, that I love living in DC, love having a place with a rooftop terrace so I can look out over the capital of the free world, and love being able to walk anywhere I need to go.

Yup. I am a city girl.

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