Yes, I admit it. I have fallen into the group of people who “live for the weekends”. But how could I help it? Weekend are just awesome! You get to sleep in, do whatever the heck you want (especially being grown up – no more Saturday chores!!) 😛

This leading up to the very surprising subject of: This weekend was awesome. Well. Fun, anyway. 😛 Daniel and I actually woke up much earlier than usual – around 9:00 AM. Go ahead and judge. We usually sleep in until at least 11:30 AM on the weekends, without shame. But it was nice. We had a baby shower to go to at 2:00. Yes, one of those newfangled joint baby showers. It was for a girl married to a guy that Daniel is friends with, whom I have spoken to maybe half a dozen times? So I already knew it was going to be a tough afternoon. My newest favorite article is “76 Thoughts All Introverts Have at Parties.”

I swear, it is like the author can read my mind. Anyway – so – that was – interesting. Basically, the guys talked in the kitchen, while the girls talked in the living room (talked being a relative term). We partook of hors d’oeuvres together, played a couple games, and then the guys got to go bowling, while the girls sat prettily around and ooed and awed over the baby gifts, after which, we (meaning they, of course, since I don’t speak at parties), took turns in awkward silence and discussing the personality differences of elder/middle/younger children.

Afterwards, Daniel and I headed to a Ben & Ashley’s house, where we had a delicious dinner and played games until way later than we should have. Now that was fun! Only two other people, both of whom I knew well – yes. That is my kind of party.

Sunday, we went to church, and then Daniel’s aunt & uncle brought us out to lunch. Guess what?!? Mimi’s cafe serves their mimosas with the juice in a champagne flute, and then hands you an adorable, personal sized bottle of champagne for it! I loved it. More places need to do that. If we lived closer, I would go there just for the mimosas. After much visiting (during which the aunt and uncle did most of the talking – again – my kind of lunch), guess what we did the rest of the day? After a couple rounds of pool in our apartment’s rooftop terrace area, we sat on the couch, ate leftover appetizers from Buffalo Wild Wings, and watched episode after episode of Castle!

Were we up way to late for a Sunday night? Yes. Was it fun? Yes. Did I maybe finish off the remainder of a quart of moose track ice cream? Absolutely.

Sundays are so much more fun since I have learned to give my fear of Mondays to God. And weekends? Those I have a feeling I will continue to live for.

4 thoughts on “Weekends

  1. Is it wrong that my favorite part of the weekend is getting to sleep in on Saturdays? One of my customers at the bank was asking me if I had big plans for the weekend, and I told him there wasn’t a dang thing on my schedule, and he seemed to feel sorry for me.

    Meanwhile, I on the inside am ridiculously excited at the prospect of nothing! No responsibilities! No commitments! Nothing to do!


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