Idyllic Moments

My soul is soaring right now. Yes, yes, far different from my previous two posts. I’m not entirely certain why I’m so happy at this exact moment, though I’ve some guesses. We’ve had multiple days in the mid-fifties over the last couple weeks (Today was our first snow, but let’s set that aside for now), and I got to feel the sun on my skin. It was glorious. I’ve been focusing, since the beginning of last week, on editing Picture of the Past, for real this time, and I’m making great progress. I just reached one of the big turning points in the book, and I’m so excited to edit the next section, though I know any readers will be very unhappy with me. And, after spending the weekend on a working retreat, I took Monday and Tuesday off and read most of the days. I finished six books (some of which I was already in the middle of) and three novellas. That’s probably actually the reason I’m doing so well right now. My soul is filled with words and it’s my turn to put them to paper. Also, last night I reread Emily of New Moon again and that always puts me in a magical mood.

And, since I’m not going to give you any editing details for fear of spoiling things, that’s it for this week!

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