January Blues

Guys, I am tired. I wonder, were holidays always so wearying, or is it just modern times? It feels like I’ve been going nonstop since…well, I’d say October, but it really started before that. Perhaps August? Anyway. We ended up leaving for Christmas two days early due to a snowstorm sweeping through the country, pulling an all-nighter to get to the twin cities before it hit. We barely made it, but due to God’s grace, we did, and despite being snowed in at my grandparents for three days, made it to my parents on Christmas Eve. We got to back to Virginia at 3:00 AM on the 31st, and it feels like I’ve been trying to recover ever since. I finally caught up on sleep in time for my birthday and, miracle of miracles, wasn’t sick. Until the morning after. So, now it is Wednesday once again, and I am finally feeling clear-headed enough to work.

With all that being said, I haven’t much to update you on. I didn’t make any New Year goals. I guess there’s just part of me that feels like it doesn’t make a difference anyway. At least not where I’m currently at. I could finish another book…or three. Write some more short stories, Do some more submissions. But I can’t make someone take my book. Publish me. Even ask for a full manuscript. It’s out of my control other than trying to keep on keeping on. Perhaps I am just feeling a little melancholy with passing time – everyone does that every now and then, right?

For now – it is time to ramp up my resumes and see if I can get a little part-time work. As awesome as it has been writing full-time, inflation is beginning to hit hard.

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