Finishing NaNo

I swear I didn’t abandon you. No. Strike that. I did. I totally abandoned you all. So, here is the update you all have been waiting…has it already been a week???….for: YES, I DID FINISH MY WORDS! I almost gave up. Multiple times. But I didn’t. And I’m so glad. It doesn’t quite feel as satisfying as previous years, because Ethrill is now at 166,000 words, and no closer to being at the end. But hey, it is closer than when I started!

Let’s see…when did I last post? November 26! Well, here’s what happened. We were busy doing family stuff all day that Saturday and Sunday, but somehow I managed to write almost 10,000 words between the two days. I think. A lot of that writing was after midnight, so my writing history in scrivener is a little wonky. Then we ended up staying Oklahoma an extra day because…well, because we didn’t get around to packing when we were supposed to and Daniel was not feeling well, and I made the most of that day by writing like 7,000 words! Then I drove most of the day on the 28th toward home, but, against every desire of mine to just shut my eyes and relax, forced myself to write in the car whenever Daniel took a break from work to drive, and then we ended up getting a hotel (yay for points!) because poor Daniel was so exhausted between work and his cough, and I gave up just before reaching 2,000 words for the day. Wednesday the 30th, we drove the remaining six hour, returned the rental car and, utterly exhausted, I sat on the couch and pounded out the last 3,000 words.

And I got sick within 48 hours. Typical, right? But here I am, only sort of dying now, and glad I made that final push to finish. And, when I told Daniel I felt bad for not being useful (as I lay ill), he looked at me, and, considerate husband that he is, ticked off his fingers as he said, “You hosted an Operation Christmas Child Packing Party, put on a conference, traveled to Oklahoma and back, helped host Thanksgiving, and wrote 50,000 words this month. I think it’s okay if you take a break.” And since then, I have, with a breath of relief, allowed myself to take a break. Okay, so I was in bed sick for at least two days of it, and didn’t have a choice, but who’s counting?

Oh, but one delightful side aspect of this is, I discovered I actually have access to the Hallmark channel! I usually splurge on Hallmark Now this month and next, but didn’t want to spend the money this year, and found out that the free service we get with our internet actually offers it! I’m not going to contemplate how much money I wasted the last few years…instead I am going to bear through the commercials and delight in watching cheesy romances for hours to come.

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