Yes, I know. I was supposed to post this yesterday. But, well…I woke up and wanted to finish the book I had started the day before, so I read instead of working (hey, technically, it’s contemporary romance, so counts as research, right?) – and by the time I finished the book at like 9:30 AM, I had an email waiting for me reminding me that I had volunteered to help with Easter prep at church!

Yup. Totally forgot about that. So within fifteen minutes, I was out the door and there until noon.

And after that…well, it was a really good day – primarily because it was in the EIGHTIES!! So I didn’t give one more thought to staying inside and doing actual computer-y stuff. I did, however, work on my pitch for awhile, and I’m actually pretty excited with some of the options Daniel and I came up with.

Okay, but all that to say that this week’s blog post is actually quick and simple.

For those of you not following me on Instagram, I GOT ANOTHER SHORT STORY PUBLISHED!

Yup. One of my older ones that held a place dear to my heart finally managed to catch the attention of someone else too, courtesy of Calla Press. I hope you enjoy it!

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