A Writer’s Goals

As anyone who knows me at all is aware, I am generally the type of person who has New Year goals/resolutions/intentions (whichever your preferred phraseology is) planned out well in advance. By the time New Year hits, I know without a doubt what I want to accomplish that year.

This year, for the first time in my remembrance, I had no idea what my precise goals were not only as the new year approached, but well past it. This was probably apropos for the type of year I had, but it was nonetheless an unsettling feeling.

However, I am pleased to say that, following some deep soul-searching and, more importantly, prayer, I am PRETTY SURE I know what my goals are this year. And they aren’t nearly as convoluted as last year’s.

  1. Find a publisher for Drawn Into Love: Now, granted, this isn’t really under my control, so I am currently informing Chadwick, who is urgently reminding me how likely I am to fail this goal, that as long as I put a good faith effort into it, then it counts.
  2. Write a book: I actually have one in mind for this. I think I am going to try writing Andrea’s story, who is the other love interest in Drawn Into Love and who, predictably, does not get to marry Keith.
  3. Edit Picture of the Past: If you have followed me for any length of time, then you are well aware of this book. It is the historical fiction novel that I started well over a decade ago, and finished like three years ago and haven’t touch since out of pure fear that I won’t do it justice. But this is the year to edit it, and in next week’s post, I’ll tell you why.
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