NaNoWriMo Day 5: Epic progress

You thought you were going to escape my potential daily update, didn’t you? Well, you almost did. It IS 11:48 PM here, after all.

We had a wedding in Florida today, and drove for 12 hours to get here in time for a family dinner. But I was prepared for this. Yesterday, I wrote . . . well, 2500 words. So not quite double, but enough so that I could drive all day today and not feel irrevocably behind.

So, yesterday was spent intermittently writing between food prep, travel prep, and running out for an emergency car plug-in-thing-a-ma-jig so that Daniel could work in the car. It actually went pretty well, and it is good to know that when I REALLY WANT to, I can write epic amounts of words.

From yesterday’s session:

“You promised twice this amount.” Nameless was careful not to show any emotion. She had had plenty of experience by now with people trying to cheat her, assuming she was too stupid to actually count, or maybe even remember the terms of the deal. A flicker of something passed the woman’s face. Whether guilt or annoyance, Nameless didn’t know and didn’t care.

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