NaNoWriMo Day 4: All the Words

I wrote over 3,000 words yesterday! Okay, so it was purposeful since I will be on the road tomorrow and have significant doubts as to whether or not I’ll get ANY writing done, but I’m pretty pleased with my progress.

I finally got through the hard part – writing about the little girl escaping from home – and now I get to start the fun part. Fun in a few ways: 1. I feel like I can write a 16-year-old much easier than a 6-year-old and 2. I have literally no idea where I’m going from here. I knew I needed to get to this part of the book, and now it is up to the characters to decide what happens.

No, seriously. I have no plot in mind for the rest of the book. I’m a pantser to the core.

I will say, however, that this book was strongly influenced by Janette Oke’s A Woman Named Damaris. I loved that book growing up, and still love it, and always thought it was such a great concept for a book. So, while I certainly expect my book to be different, if it is ever published, don’t be surprised by similarities.

From yesterday’s word count:

“Your name is Nameless?” The woman looked at her incredulously. The child shrugged. Mrs. McGrudy had called her that—maybe it was her name.

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