Finishing a Novel

I DID IT! I finally finished a full-size novel! Yup. 99,146 words of fiction. I have finished novels before – but – more like novellas because they were pretty dang short. So this is the first full-length novel I have actually written.

Now comes the lovely revision process. I am already thinking of dozens of ways to revise the book – lots of mistakes I need to correct – random changes in the middle of the book, plot gaps, thin plot lines, all the research I pushed to the side so I could just write, and oh so much more. I estimate between 6 months to a year’s worth of revision. But the point is, I finished the first draft!

Now, I am trying to decide if I should set the book aside for now and work on my fantasy novel or other things before I start editing the book or just start editing immediately. I figure it is a  good idea to put the book aside for a short while so I can start again with a clear mind, but at the same time I kind of want to keep going while I am going strong.

For tonight, in any case, I am just going to enjoy having written a book.

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