Growing older

As I sit outside in the fading light, I feel both restfulness and a bit of sadness fall over me. One never seems to come without the other. A sense of growing older and life passing me by consistently taps me on the shoulder, especially when looking over peaceful sights such as the sun sinking behind the tall buildings surrounding my little balcony. I seem to grown more frantic every day to do something with my life – write, learn, travel – anything – before it is too late. What I seem to consistently forget is that for me, getting older doesn’t equal too late. Getting older means, as Daniel reminded me today, one day closer to seeing God. To reaching the home I actually belong in. Just because I get to heaven doesn’t mean I have to stop writing or reading – doesn’t mean God won’t shower me with the ability to speak dozens of languages – doesn’t mean I won’t be able to see the Great Canyon. Heck, God may even show me sights He has created even more marvelous that men haven’t discovered. And most of all, it means I will no longer be growing older. I will be in an ageless body that has no concept of feeling the sadness of getting older. So why so much fear? I should concentrate on living every day in peace and joy – yes, doing my utmost with what God has given me, but remembering that it will never be too late for me, as a Christian.

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