Just a Rainy Day

So it rained on Monday. I knew the forecast called for rain, and yet, I looked out the window and determined that if it wasn’t raining right then, the likelihood of it raining during the time I was walking to and from work was pretty nil. And I was right! for about 90% of the walking time. I was safe all the way to work, and most of the way back . . . until I had JUST hit that SINGLE spot where there as no more shelter to take the last block and a half home. And then I felt a drop. Oh, well – just a drop – right? It will start sprinkling, and I will be home maybe a tiny bit damp, but not too bad, right? Not right. After that drop, it turned into a deluge. Just like that. By the time I got in the door, my shoes were pretty much shooting out water every time I stepped, and I looked like I had dove into a pool just for the fun of it. My husband had a solution when he saw me. He hugged me, expressed appropriate sympathy, and pulled out a king sized Symphony candy bar for me. 😀

The next day, when I saw rain still on the forecast, I took appropriate cautions. And brought my umbrella. Which, I might point out, is brand new, and looks suspiciously like a parasol.

My umbrella!

But it is an umbrella! I promise! What I don’t promise is that I won’t ever use it as a parasol as well. 😀 What can I say? Victorian at heart! I was both excited for the chance to use it, and a little shy about how old fashioned it probably looked, even though I had just purchased it at target a few weeks before. And so I ask you what I told myself. What is wrong with a little old fashioned? What is wrong with emulating styles you find pretty, even if they are a little out of date? Other people do things like – wear jeans that are falling so far down you can see their underwear (yuck!), or jeans that purposefully have holes cut through them. Or – well, you get the idea. For my part, I much prefer being a little old fashioned and emulating that style from back when people actually cared about looking nice. So no matter how much my heart pounds with fear of other people judging – I am going to keep – well – keep trying to be myself. And wear pretty clothes that make me happy.

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