January Ramblings

I hope you all have been having as lovely a month as I have. As I mentioned in my last post, my husband had a weekend away planned for us this past weekend. It was even more lovely than I anticipated. The Foxfield Inn in Charlottesville, VA was just adorable – I am fairly certain that he reserved the biggest suite in the Inn. A Jacuzzi, a fireplace, a settee. . . and just to top it off, he had a dozen red and white roses, a personalized cake, champagne, and chocolate covered strawberries waiting in the room for me. He made reservations at an Italian restaurant in town, which had the best tiramasu I have ever tasted! The next day, we visited Monticello, and just to finish off the weekend, we stopped at a winery on the way back for a tasting.

In addition, I have been having a great time learning my new job. It is so much more interesting than my last one, and I actually get to use my brain. The only issue with this, is that I haven’t been asked to use my brain since I graduated – every day I feel how rusty it is! Hopefully I don’t do anything stupid and get fired before I work out all the kinks! 😛

I have been shamefully lax about writing, though! It is time to get back on the ball. I decided to start with Writer’s Digest current “Your Story” competition, which currently consists of just coming up with the beginning sentence for a story based on a picture. “Just”, hm? Amazing how difficult it becomes to come up with an intriguing beginning sentence when you know it is all someone is going to read! Although, I suppose that is something to keep in mind for the future – how many times have I picked up a book, read the first sentence and decided if I am going to like it or not?

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