WordPress vs. Blogger

So if any of you have been checking my storyidyls blog on blogger.com, you will note that I haven’t posted much in it. Yeah. For some reason, I don’t like it. I tried. I gave it a good go – mostly because my husband and friends are all using blogger. But – I find wordpress just so much more comfy and friendly. Something about blogger feels very cold and exposed. I find it hard to believe anyone I know except friends I invite will ever find this little nook of mine in the wordpress world, whereas I don’t trust google not to randomly publish to my world of acquaintances that I have a blog on blogger. So, I have decided to give up my brief and unsuccessful try at blogger and stick to the world I have known and loved for years. The website that really introduced me to blogging, and where my friends and I used to have joint blogs. Yup. Like it or not, I love wordpress oh-so-much-more than blogger. And that is my random post for the day.

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