When You Don’t Like Your Main Character . . .

So, what happens when you don’t like your main character? I mean I like her eventually, but she has to change first. Yes, I am writing one of those sorrows-and-trials-change-a-person’s-personality stories. What can I say? Those are my favorite stories! But, I had/have this idea of how I want Elizabeth’s character to be in the beginning of the book so that there can be a stark contrast by the end of the book, and thus I have been conforming her to my idea of who she needs to be. Unfortunately, I don’t think she agrees with me, because so many pieces of writing feel forced. I have been struggling with this for awhile, to the extent that it is stinting my writing. So, I have decided. I am going to just keep writing and let Elizabeth be whoever she wants to be from now on and see what she thinks her character should be like. I mean, worst case scenario, I have to change the plot to suit her stubbornness, right?

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