Wrote this four years ago and it apparently never posted but saved as a draft. Thought I would go ahead and post it. 😛

Virginia received a snowstorm today. The largest it has seen in perhaps 10 years. It looks like Minnesota. Kind of funny. While everyone else was outside marveling over it yesterday, I did not move from my bed all day. Privilege of it being a Saturday.

You know, this school hosts tons of drama. Every school has drama, but this one seems magnified by 10 due to the small student body, the fact that everyone knows everyone else, and we are all homeschoolers who apparently didn’t get to express ourselves enough at home, and who are currently being taught to say what they think.

But, when you look outside, at the glistening drops, the sun sparkling off miles of whiteness, you forget drama, you forget troubles, you forget so many things. Peace just washes over you. As long as you aren’t driving in it. It is so beautiful. God creates the most gorgeous things, doesn’t He? Who would have thought to turn the rain white and fluffy? And when you step outside and just pause, lifting your head to smell the clean, fresh air, it is as though, for just a moment, nothing else matters, but the gladness in your heart. After a fresh snowfall, being outside for a few moments can be almost as gladdening and refreshing as seeing spring come. Suddenly you want to go for a walk, and just marvel at creation, at the romanticism of a white winter. If only you could sit down in the the snow and write without getting cold or wet, it would be perfect.

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