Next Steps

And, after pushing myself probably more than was healthy, I finally sent my book off to beta readers around 2:00 AM on Saturday. Or would that technically be Sunday? Anyway, once the book was gone, it was like a huge load dropped off my shoulders and left only weariness in its place. It has been all I can do to do anything useful. I took Monday to catch up on the most pressing things I’ve been ignoring for two weeks, and yesterday was supposed to be a brain-reset day of reading – I think I mentioned that last time? But between one thing and another, I didn’t actually begin reading until 8:30 PM or so. Nonetheless, I managed to finish a book and a half by the time I went to bed at 2, and felt so much more refreshed. I didn’t feel quite up to jumping fully back into work right away again today, so I wrote a list of all the things on my mind and have been alternating doing a task and then reading a chapter. Thus far, it has worked admirably well, if I do say so myself.

So what are next steps while I wait for the verdict of my beta readers? I plan to finish writing Nameless and see if I can get PoP’s word count down to at least 100k. And put more energy to finding some work. Inflation is real, people. And our savings account is beginning to tell us about it. Especially considering we just had to do a $1500 car repair. Fun times.

I rather think that, as I dive back into Nameless, which has about 60k words so far and I haven’t touch in over a year, I will probably feel like the below:

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