Trying to Vacation

I’ve decided to take a vacation. That’s right. I’m giving myself a vacation. Because I’m my own boss. So I can do that. At least, that’s what my husband tells me. I’m still trying to convince my boss (aka, the critic I believe I previously named Chadwick) that it is all right.

At first, I was going to take a week off right after I got back from that three week trip that culminated in the conference (did I tell you that I had horrendous acid reflux that entire time and it disappeared as soon as I finished the conference? It bears repeating. Apparently my body has decided to make sure I suffer physically as well as mentally when I’m stressed now). But then, I had the proposal to get ready, and part of a manuscript to edit, and some volunteer things with ACFW VA to catch up on.

So then I was going to take the following week off. But it turns out that 1. My sister is moving out on the 1st (Yay! I love her dearly, but it is time for her to be on her own, and also I’m excited to have my house to myself again because apparently I like being alone), and 2. the contest for the ACFW Crown Awards is wrapping up, so we needed SM posts about finalists, and 3. the ACFW VA conference is getting ready to open registration, so I needed to create and post a bunch of graphics about that and reach out to speakers.

So then I (okay, we – Daniel has a great deal to do with this) decided I would take a vacation starting on the 3rd. But then I realized that the graphics I am currently making and scheduling are literally taking hours upon hours upon hours, and that the conference registration opens on the 3rd, and that we are helping my sister move on the 1st, and that I’m taking my sister to the airport on the 3rd, and my doctor wanted me to get some bloodwork redone because of a couple issues, and all my acid reflux is coming back, and we are getting food delivered today–okay, that isn’t related, but I had to add it in because…well, to make this longer.

So. New Plan. I am trying to schedule EVERY SINGLE POST for October for both ACFW VA and my personal SM, and all ads, and send out all information speakers need between now and Monday, and I am going to start my vacation on Tuesday the 4th! We’ll see how that goes.

Have you ever tried to take a vacation from yourself? I hope it went better than mine is.

2 thoughts on “Trying to Vacation

  1. You know…… I know ACFW is an external commitment and all……. But you COULD just take a month off from your personal social media and NOT schedule anything, and that would be a perfectly fine and reasonable thing to take off your to-do list. 😉 Permission granted.

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