More jottings

I know I missed Wednesday. But I had company, which I’m considering a good excuse. I’m too short on time to really do an in-depth post, and I’m not sure I have much to say right now anyway. So, I’m going to do exactly what I did last week, and pull something from one of my blank books to share.

Once again, this bit of freestyle poetry sometimes rhymes and sometimes doesn’t, and it doesn’t completely make sense, but then, random jottings as you work through things rarely do. Still, I hope you see the beauty in some of the words and imagery the way I do.

A touch of wind to mar the sun
The warmth that goes only skin deep
An unsatisfied yearning for what's to come
Yet lessons never learned to reap
Daring to hope and hoping to dare
A tiny whisper clangs through the soul
Another disappointment, another too late
Despair and confusion reign
Snowdrops break through, craving the sun
But belittled by the cold
Green and brown together make
A sympathetic sound
One is dead, the other alive
Who will reign supreme?
The green may prevail, but only for summer
Then new becomes old again

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