Today’s blog post is short and sweet, and if you follow me on social media, you will already have heard this…multiple times. I FINALLY got a short story published! How, you may ask? Well, I finally figured out the correct terms to search for Christian fiction magazines…apparently I had to use the search term Christian Literary Journals and all of the sudden a whole new world opened up – the type of websites that might actually consider short stories with a Christian bent.

Last week, I submitted my story “Chosen” (which, by the way, was rejected like ten times last year) to The Agape Review, and the next day, it was up on their website! I don’t expect to always meet that type of success, even with this new slew of magazines/websites to comb through, but I’ll not deny it gave me a pretty good burst of joy.

Anyway, please consider heading over and reading my story!

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