Storytellers Conference: Day 3

There were only two free sessions today, but they were the best of the conference! Granted, they were (finally!!) about fiction, so I may be biased. But seriously, I took almost three pages of notes on just the two and the only reason I didn’t take more is because the final session had a handout.

It’s going to be hard breaking this down into three highlights, but here it goes!

Waves of Creativity with Allen Arnold

  1. Creativity is a chance to co-create with God – it is one of the most intimate things we can do with God.
  2. Chaos comes at us when we create to distract us. Expect everything in life to go wrong to try to stop you from creating what God wants you to create.
  3. After finishing your manuscript, sacrifice it to God. It is no longer yours. Reset your heart with the expectancy of what is to come, and don’t base your success on whether or not it is published.

The Super Synopsis – From Dread to Done with Sarah Sundin

  1. Write a one sentence tag, expand that to a paragraph, and expand that to a page.
  2. Your paragraph should be comprised of approximately five sentences, and then each of those sentences can be expanded to a paragraph for the one-page:
    • The story set-up: time, place, main characters, goal, motivation, conflict, likeable trait
    • Turning Point 1 (end of Act I)
    • Turning Point 2 (middle of Act II)
    • Turning Point 3 (climax in Act III
    • Ending
  3. Have someone unfamiliar with your story review your synopsis to make sure it makes sense.

And that’s all, folks! I hope you enjoyed and found the summaries useful!

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