NaNoWriMo Day 2: Painful Progress

Despite writing now being my full-time job, I managed to put off writing my NaNo words yesterday until late. My husband was delighted to be able to make jokes about me “having one job” and “working overtime”. I SQUEEZED out like 500 words before dinner, and then, while having dinner and playing a game, managed to fit in another hundred-ish.

After dinner and the game, I officially settled down to get my words in because there is legitimately no excuse to NOT get my words in. I used to be able to blame my job, and being tired after working all day and commuting, but I no longer have that excuse, which makes me wonder how many times I just used it to make myself feel better… Therefore, I stayed up until I got those words in.

My favorite way to get words in when I don’t feel like it is doing an exchange/reward program. I turn on a movie (preferably Hallmark), and earn my way through it. So, last night, for every five minutes of the movie, I had to write 70 words. It works surprisingly well.

Below is a sentence from yesterday’s session:

Realization dawned and Mrs. McGrudy drew in a breath. “They never named you.” She looked down at her, sympathy written all over her face. “You are nameless.”

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