15 Minute Challenge – Day 2 – Getting Back Into the Mindset

Actually written yesterday, August 30:

I have a lot more free time than usual tonight due to my husband being gone for a guy’s night and having nothing in particular scheduled. I was going to go to the Library of Congress to do some research and writing, but it is a dreary, rainy night, and I decided I really did not want to leave the house. So, instead I made myself a pot of tea, turned on some Jim Brickman and am doing my writing here, with no people around.

I am taking advantage of my extended period of time do go through the book and note everyplace I think needs more scenes or which parts need to be “shown” instead of told. There are a lot! This is really helping remind me of where I left off a few months ago, when I started doing piecemeal research that I just never had enough time to concentrate fully on. I feel like I am beginning to remember what I wanted out of the story. Once I finish marking potential scenes or areas that “tell” too much, my goal is to write at least one of those scenes. But even if I don’t get the scene written, going through the book itself counts as the “15 minutes”, right? I hope so, since I’ve already been at this for half an hour!

I feel like I might get more use out of this editing style than going through the book and changing page by page and feeling like I never make progress. Everyone has different book editing styles, or so I have read, and I suppose you simply don’t know which yours is until you try!

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