Hats and Printers

So, I’ve already told all my friends, and my mom, and Facebook about this, so I won’t spend too much time on it – but I wore a hat to church today! Technically called a fascinator these days, because you know, they feel like they have to sell it under another name to actually sell it since real hats went out of style awhile ago. I have a lovely collection now, and this is my second time wearing one out (other than the one I wore to the tea house). I was scared to death, but I’m working on not letting my fear of people influence my decisions. Working on it.


Most recent update on my writing life? I bought a printer. Yes, a printer. And if you want to know why (invigorating subject, I know) – it’s on my other blog. You know, the one I am trying to use to increase my public profile in case I ever get published. We’ll see if it works. 😛 http://storyidyls.blogspot.com/

Anyway – I don’t have much more to say right now. Plus, I should start thinking about going to bed. I think Daniel is going to make us get up at 6:15 tomorrow to work out. 😦



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