America’s Current Shame

You know I don’t write on politics or current issues very often. That is both because I hate confrontation, am filled with fear of confrontation, and because politics and current issues tend to make me so upset that I can scarcely breathe. My insides swell up and all I want to do is scream with frustration, and – you know how they say a character in a book “sees red” when he is incredibly angry ? I often see red. Literally. My eyes haze over and I can’t see anything clearly because I am so angry. So that is another reason I don’t write about politics very often. My incredibly sensitive nature has a hard time thinking about it for very long.

There is one thing, however, that has been bothering me long enough that I just want to say SOMETHING. And that is this year’s presidential election. I’ll be up front – I haven’t supported Trump from the beginning. I think he is loud, obnoxious, rude, and, no matter what he says, holds few of the conservative values that I do. However, I am not a “Never Trumper”, and I hold little respect for those who are. You cannot say “Never so and so” unless they clearly hold values completely opposite to you, and even then I am not so sure because you do not know what the future holds, or who the opposition might be. And in my opinion, it has come to that. I would rather vote for someone loud and obnoxious, but who holds American first, than a man who believes in socialism (something Hitler believed in, by the way), or a woman who should be in prison for committing treason. And even if he doesn’t actually, at least Trump SAYS he supports my issues, unlike the other two. Beyond that, I am almost beginning to believe that it wouldn’t be such a bad thing if Trump turned everything upside down because I am not so crazy about the America I currently live in.  But, again, I am getting off track.

What I really came here to say was – I am ASHAMED of America. ASHAMED. And not because of Trump.Look, if you hate Trump, that is fine. If you want Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders or some random third party candidate as president, that is fine. And you know why? Because, *LIGHTBULB* WE LIVE IN AMERICA. Here is the awesome thing about Amercia. You can vote for whoever you want. You can attend any rally you want. You have the FREEDOM to choose who YOU think will be best for our country. So all these people who are holding violent protests at Trump rallies? Who defile people’s personal signs for Trump? Who tell all their friends that they aren’t Christians if they vote for Trump? I rarely swear, and when I do, it isn’t lightly, but that is all BS. Never before have I seen such a violent election where people actually think they have the right to stop people from listening to and/or voting for someone they want to. Like it or not, we are not in Mexico, or Europe, or anyplace that doesn’t offer political freedom and it is WRONG of you to try to stop people from voting for whoever they want to. And as for all the illegals who are protesting Trump rallies? Well, one – I actually think that ends up in favor of Trump since they legally are not supposed to be here, let alone have a say in who OUR president is, but two, I think it is SHAMEFUL that we are not standing up to it, whether we support Trump or not. If they are waving Mexican flags, then they should go back to Mexico because clearly that is where they actually want to be. We are AMERICANS and whether or not we are happy with the presidential election, we should be defensive enough of our freedom to stand up for the right to vote for whoever we want.

One thought on “America’s Current Shame

  1. Preach it sista!

    It is a disheartening time to be an American.

    Also, I am glad to find someone who shares my feelings about Trump. My in laws all love him, and most other people I hear loathe him. But really, when we compare him to the other contenders our political system has churned out….


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