NaNoWriMo Insanity!

Come on, you all knew I was going to write about this at some point, no matter how bad I have been about writing in general! Yes, I am doing it again – against my better judgement, I might add, since I still have not (much to my shame) finished the book I started last year! But I am doing it nonetheless because I think it is good for me, and I love the camaraderie, and most of all, I loved winning last year!

Not that I have gotten off to a great start – it is already day 4, and I am all of 2700 words in! But that does not mean I am going to give up – no way! And I am dragging a couple of my friends down with me, kicking and screaming. My goal this time is not to be so ashamed of telling people that I am doing this. That – if someone asks what I am doing, I will actually tell them instead of ducking my head and mumbling some round about excuse. Because, as I mentioned in a previous post – I am tired of being ashamed of my love of writing, just because I haven’t been published. Not being published does not affect the fact that I love writing and have for 20+ years. But I am getting on a tangent.

This post was just to say – Hi world! Here I am, and I am doing something crazy – again!

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