Will America Stand?

I have not written because I know what I must write. Well, what I must post, anyway. I have this dreadful fear of standing up for what I believe in because it usually leads to confrontation – which, as everyone knows – I melt under. Melting being a relative term. I can’t handle confrontation or arguments, and can barely handle arguing for what I believe in. I really prefer just to go silent because I can’t handle it. My heart starts racing, my stomach feels like it has rocks in it, and I am fairly certain that I would be put in the ER if a nurse were to take my blood pressure within .0 seconds of a potential confrontation. But that doesn’t mean I give up what I believe in. Absolutely not. Even my husband was quite surprised to discover that when I believe in something, I stick to it, even if we disagree. It may be a quiet stick-to -it, but there is almost nothing anyone can say that will shake that belief.

But I digress. The point is, I may hate confrontation, but I believe firmly in certain Biblical Standards, and despite not wanting to argue about it, will not change my views. Which brings me to my point.

The Supreme Court’s decision to legalize gay marriage. I am deeply saddened by such a decision. I believe it is wrong on many levels. And I was going to write an article on why I thought it was wrong, but I ran across two different sources that I believe express it much better than I could. So I have chosen instead to post them here, because I think God is speaking through both these people, so there is no reason to repeat what has already been said. But I strongly encourage you to look at these – because I believe they speak truth.

1st source: My pastor’s sermon on July 5th. For anyone who saw the word sermon and groaned, be encouraged – my pastor is actually pretty entertaining when he speaks. I have named my post after his sermon. And he speaks, I think, both truthfully and eloquently on this subject, and is filled with more grace than I am:

Will America Stand?

2nd source: My friend’s blog post. She also speaks quite well and gracefully on the subject, and I hope she does not mind me posting the link here:


So, I might be copping out by just posting links, but I know that I could not speak as well on the subject as these two have, so I figured I would instead send you to what I think are great sources for a Christian’s view on this subject.

And for those of you who are reading this and getting ready to write hate comments on this post – I just ask you to remember that we live in a free country for a reason – everyone has the right to speak their piece and hold to their beliefs, and others have a right to disagree.

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