Just an Update

What a month it has been! And what a month it will continue to be. I have either had guests or been gone on business and personal trips for all but 4 days in the last month, and will be traveling every week for the next month as well. Don’t get me wrong – I am still loving my new job – it is just beginning to take some getting used to – being gone so much. I watch these movies with the power loving CEO women, who have their entire lives in control – their house in perfect order, their clothes, manicures, and make-up always impeccable, whether on or off an airplane, and I wish I could be like them. But I guess there is a reason it is a movie, right? You tend to wear comfortable clothes for flights – not the tight fitting suits and high heels you wear for the meetings you flew to. I guess I could do better at putting makeup on every day, though. And I am determined to begin working out again – so I can at least look good in those jeans and t-shirts I am wearing on the airplane! That is a step in the right direction, isn’t it? I love having things in order – I like my house in order, my clothes in order, my life in order, my work in order – I just don’t like the work that goes into making my life perfect. So – I am going to have to find a balance somewhere along the line. I guess that is life, right? Balance.

Speaking of balance – I have done a terrible job of balancing God, writing, and my work life. I need to work on that too. It is hard, when your life is going well, albeit terribly busy, to remember that God has given you everything you have, and making time for Him shouldn’t be a second thought. Or even a “making time” for Him –  we should make Him the foundation. So much easier said than done. And writing – I am just simply fearful of not writing well – or not having an inspiration when I pick up my pen (or keyboard – either one).  So yeah. But at least I am aware of these weaknesses and therefore can (hopefully) move forward on fixing them.

And that is all I have to say.

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