Writing Humor

So, this “Winning Writers” site keeps emailing me about their humor poetry contest. And emphasizing the fact that it is free to enter, with $1,000 first prize. At first I dismissed it. I don’t really do humor well – in person or in writing. The only person who truly finds me amusing is my husband – and I have reason to believe he is biased. I am more of a heartfelt, serious, kill people off and make readers cry kind of writer. But as they continued to send me emails emphasizing the fact that this contest was free, I thought about it more and more – what harm could it do to try writing a humorous poem? So I began to run ideas through my head, to no avail. So I googled humorous poems – and thought everything I read was stupid. So I looked at past poetry winners in the humor category, and thought those were even stupider – and realized, I should stick with what I know. At least for now. Or until I develop a sense of humor that coordinates with what editors apparently think is humorous. Besides, I have this odd, old-fashioned notion that poetry should rhyme. But apparently that is no longer a thing. So, this drawn out post is simply to let those people who are interested know that Winning Writers is hosting a humorous poetry contest, and I think it is a good excuse for you to stretch yourself and submit that poem you have always secretly thought was brilliant. And no, I am not getting paid in any form to give you the link. I am just being a good, fellow writer, who is always on the lookout for opportunities and minor steps to take toward being published and assumes there are others who do the same thing. Link below. 🙂


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