Thanksgiving Coma

So, Thanksgiving totally messed me up. Well, okay – I was already a little messed up. The day before Thanksgiving, I hit blank wall. I stared at the words in front of me – and couldn’t think of anything to write. I think part of the problem is that the family is on their way to join the wagon train, and now I am in totally unfamiliar territory, but don’t want to waste precious time on research. Prior to this, has been their life in their perfect little eastern town. You know, to prep for the upcoming journey and provide compare and contrast to what they are used to vs what they will face. So, yeah. Day before thanksgiving I wrote maybe 1,000 words? And then yesterday, Thanksgiving itself, another 1,000. At least I had an excuse for that one! Lots of food prep and all that. So, end result: I am currently at 37,790 words total and will have to write over 4,000 words a day to make 50,000. Do you think I can do it?

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