Aaand. . . counting

So I made it to 4,800 words! Not much, I confess, compared to where I should be. But, hey, for me it is really good for a week!  Especially a week in which I got what is probably-my-dream-job-and-even-if-it-isn’t-is-an-awfully-big-closer-step-to-it. So, is it terrible that I have had no inspiration to do my utmost at my current job? I plan to fix that on Monday so I can go out with a bang!

Also, I would just like to complain for a second. My coworkers frequently complain that I no longer bring baked goods into the office. But if you would like to know WHY I don’t, then just look at yesterday. I stayed up late on Thursday, made some delicious homemade apple tarts specifically so I could bring them into the office, and, can you guess? That is right. They refused to eat even one. Something about eating right, and dieting, and being on a good path. I give up. From now on, all goodie leftovers go to my husband’s work, where his coworkers gratefully devour everything I send. That is right, from the Dutch apple pie to banana bread – any leftovers? Not even bothering to bring them to my work.

*feeling unappreciated*

Okay – done with that little outburst. Daniel and I had an awesome stay-at-home date last night. I got home and he had a chocolate rose waiting on the table for me, and then we went to the grocery store, picked up some crab legs, $15 bottle of wine, fresh mozzarella, my favorite Madeleines, and each picked out one of those really small but pretty and subsequently semi-expensive desserts they keep in the bakery, and then picked a movie from redbox (using my free monopoly piece code). Then we went home, set up the crackers and cheese, boiled the crab, and watched the movie while we ate. It was totally fun! Not gonna lie, I may have picked The Lego Movie instead of a chick flick. Can anyone blame me? Everything is Awesome! Then, because we had picked out so much yummy food, we pretty much had a second date night tonight to finish it all, and watched Liam Neeson’s Non-Stop, which was also good! But don’t worry – I still fit in 1600 words tonight!

I may not like anything I wrote, but at least I wrote it! And I am posting the below cartoon just because I think it is funny, not because it has any relevance to my post whatsoever, since, for the record I DIDN’T cheat and start before November. . . 😀

3 thoughts on “Aaand. . . counting

  1. You make me smile. I absolutely LOVE hearing about the little details of your everyday life!

    Also, BOO on your coworkers. I absolutely do not understand people who could pass up a good home-baked dessert! Your apple tarts sound perfectly divine. I’d have eaten three, at least!

    I’m desperate to read more of your story! I’m popping over to Story Idylls right now…with fingers (mentally) crossed that I will find something there. 😉


    1. Lol! Thank you-that makes me feel so much better! And I haven’t posted anything in story idylls, but just for you I might put something up there tonight after work. 🙂


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