Of Fairs and Football

A friend mentioned in one of her comments on this very blog that one of her customers seemed to feel sorry for her when she told him that she had no weekend plans. She went on to emphasize that not having plans brought her much joy! I, for one, entirely agreed with her. Not having weekend plans means sleeping in, lounging about the house in your pajamas, no obligations, and, if you like, fitting in all that stuff you wanted to do on weeknights, but were too tired to do.

It does not follow, however, that weekend plans are not also fun. In fact, going to bed contentedly tired on Sunday night can be quite satisfying. Until you wake up Monday morning – but let’s not talk of that!

Saturday, as usual, passed much too fast – it started around 9:30 AM because Daniel got out of bed, whereupon I promptly woke out of a sound sleep, sat up, and the first thing that popped into my head was that I needed to get up. So I did. Which, resulted in my being tired and crabby a majority of the day, during which all I managed to do was make breakfast, play a few rounds of  pool, sulk on the couch, and try to figure out what was wrong with me. I figured it out quickly when I fell fast asleep on the couch around 3:00 and woke up in a great mood about an hour later. So, yeah. Next time I am crabby on a weekend, I will just assume I am tired, and take a nap. 😛 Anyway, we left shortly thereafter because PHC (the college from which we both graduated) was having an alumni vs. students football game for homecoming weekend.

Of course it would take place the first night it is like 50 degrees, with a windchill of freeze-to-death. However, if my husband was going to play football in this weather, I was going to watch him. So, I put on jeans, socks and tennis shoes (which I never wear!), a heavy sweater, TWO jackets, and swathed myself in a blanket as I plopped down on a chair to watch. I will say this – I made it through the game. But by the time he got to me, my teeth were chattering so hard I couldn’t speak and my entire body itched all over (I have learned that, despite my beliefs throughout my entire childhood, it is not necessarily common for someone to itch when they get cold. I was diagnosed with minor Cold Urticaria a few years back – in English, allergy to cold. Yes, I literally break out in itchy hives when I get too cold). But, wonderful husband that he is, he ignored his own exhaustedness and cold, bustled me into the car, turned the heat on full blast, and then bought me a latte to further warm me up. 🙂 Those of you who still live in the Midwest, do not laugh at me. My now-accustomed-to-Virginia-warmth body hasn’t adjusted to temperatures below 70 in preparation for winter yet! The alumni didn’t win – something about it being 15 alumni against 80 students – but it was still worth watching. I never knew my husband could run so fast!

We got home late, tired, and exhausted, but were up at 8:00 AM on Sunday in order to make it to an early-ish church service so that we could hit the Waterford Fair with Ben and Ashley by noon, per an annual tradition Ashley and I began while still in college.

It was quite cold at first, which actually resulted in the fair being significantly less crowded than it usually is, which was quite nice. It warmed up as the day went on, however, which was even better. 🙂 We hit our normal favorite stands – the wreaths, the kettle corn (yum!), the homegrown honey, the cheese, the massive variety of crafts that people can charge exorbitant prices for because they are homemade. But it was so fun! And we stopped at the food trucks for deliciously unhealthy food, and, of course, didn’t miss our favorite homemade soda stand from Bayou Billy! Also, Ashley and I finally purchased something from our absolute favorite stand – the place that makes wooden kitchen utensils! We have been ooing and ahhing over their selection for five years! Granted, it was just a spoon rest, but still a milestone! 🙂

After the fair, Ben and Ashley invited us to their apartment for some delicious warm soup for dinner – I don’t even know all that was in it, other than some awesome squash and epic flavor – we added a blush wine to it, and were contentedly full a short time later. Of course, it being us, we couldn’t pass up the chance to try out some of Ben’s new board games, and finally made it home somewhere around 9 – I think.

So, very full weekend, but tons of fun, and sinking into bed Sunday night was made all the more blissful by easing off both our aching legs and feeling justified in drifting into a deep and blessed sleep.

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