Beginning of a story

I decided to try to do a short story fantasy writing contest, due on June 30. This is as far as I have gotten. 😛 I am sure I will figure out where to go from here – eventually. 😛


The person who does not occasionally dream of leaving this world is non-existent. And very occasionally –rarely, really, but occasionally – we do happen upon those individuals who were, in fact, fortunate enough to have an out of this world experience. They are the individuals whom the world looks upon and calls loony, over-imaginative, crazy, and any other derogative term one might be able to conjure up. This is simply because the rest of us are angry that we were not selected to enter another world and we are stuck in our own reality. I used to be one of those rancid individuals who couldn’t handle the possibility of people escaping the boring reality of this world that I have to live in every day—before I met Geoffrey. Geoffrey is one of the selected ones. He has seen worlds beyond ours—beyond what I could have imagined had I written this as fiction—and he has returned, willingly, to our world, to tell his story. “Mary – Mary – will you tell my story for me?” He asked me a month ago. I laughed at him, but agreed to, for old times’ sake. There was no one better than me to write it anyway—being a renowned journalist. He is terrible at telling stories – not to mention spelling – , so I couldn’t imagine what would happen if he wrote it himself. When I began typing, I was skeptical of his words, but recorded and typed it as he requested.  By the end, by the time I wrote this prologue – I was a believer. And I daresay you will be too. This, then, is the story of a man who found the world we are all searching for – and chose to return to the world in which we were all placed. 

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